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To be successful online you need traffic, quality traffic for that matter. Visitors who click your link and proceed further to make the purchase or hit the CTA button. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) together with Social Media Marketing (SMM) seeks to quantitatively solve this puzzle for entrepreneurs who want to succeed online. Big time businesses have been able to make a lot of fortune through using this method in increasing online sales.

Igor Gamanenko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, reveals the secret of how to use Facebook ads to make your online business thrive.

To get converting the traffic you need leads. Facebook as a social media channel can help your business get incentives to ready and willing customers over the globe. However, persons starting up e-commerce websites may wonder how to do this on Facebook. An online marketing campaign with Facebook include:

  • 1. Facebook ads. Facebook ads is a certain way of reaching many people within your niche selections. First of all, targeted advertisements are possible, where the ads go directly to the individuals in the niche you select. This commercializing can be tailor made using the filters provided such as demographic data and so forth. Also, it is possible to copy followers using Facebook ads and create the following list of many other people in targeted geographical regions.
  • 2. Posting content. SEO is all about keywords and content. In Facebook, there are many ways to post content in such a manner that it increases the ranking of your website. Most importantly, it makes your website generate leads of people who could be future clients. Also, one can upload photos and videos, which counts as parts of content. In the January 2017 update, Google announced that user experience and content are one of the ways websites will rank.
  • 3. Sharing. Facebook has the option of sharing content. Shared content counts as quality backlinks of the search engine algorithms helping the websites rank. Through the exchange of content, your e-commerce website pages gain authority as content relevance becomes successful, enhancing your SEO factors in Facebook. You can also get quality leads of customers who convert as real clients.
  • 4. Including a call-to-action button. In Facebook, it is possible to include a CTA button on the fan page of the product or website you are promoting. For instance, one way to do this is using the feature of add a button. From this menu, you can add many buttons such as shop now, buy, subscribe and many other buttons. This CTA button can prompt an interested person into giving email or other personal information, hence helping generate leads from your email list.


Generating leads for your online business is a must have if you want to succeed online. In many successful online marketing campaigns, SEO and Social Media marketing play a critical role in establishing a robust online brand presence. As a result, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool to use. Facebook has many features which can help you reach many persons out there who have an interest in the promotion of your campaign. Using this guideline, you can equip your marketing campaign with these Facebook features and see it reach your goals.

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